How Much Money Do You Need To Live And Work Abroad?

Have you ever wondered whether you would be able to live and work abroad?  Have you wondered how to get the most out of your travels abroad?  Read on as our guest poster teaches us To Make A Living abroad.

oving to another country, to learn a new culture, to find better weather or just generally a better way of life is a dream that many people have, but the reality of life is that few people ever follow this dream.

It’s sad that people let those little excuses prevent them from living the life they want to; but things like money and job ties get in the way. Thing is though; if you don’t even know what it would take, how can you know whether or not it is doable? Living abroad isn’t a privilege reserved for the rich – you just need a plan of action…

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Creative Sues Apple to Stop Selling Ipods… Don’t Be Such A Sore Loser!

I read with aghast that Creative Technologies is suing Apple over patent infringements and wants Apple to stop selling Ipods. This news made front page news on the Straits Times. It’s funny that David is suing Goliath and asking Goliath to stop being big. Creative is already bleeding badly from the mp3 player fight and the thought that it wants to go into a legal wrangle against Apple, the multibillion dollar king of the hill company with deep pockets, even deeper access to USA’s capital markets and a cult following doesn’t sound like a good move. If I was a shareholder, I’ll not approve of this. Yes legal battles are dime a dozen in the technology world. But seriously, Creative should spend its time to create better products and do better marketing. To sum it up, i find that Creative’s marketing is a little duh. Nothing close to creating cult appeal. Whereas, quarter after quarter, Steve Jobs unleashes something new and wows us every now and then.

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Increase in High School Dropouts and Price of Education

I recently read a report by America’s Promise Alliance about the dropout crisis in the schools and what a lack of job opportunity and education means to a young generation people. You need to consider these facts about the school dropout crisis.

These shortfalls hold huge costs for students and taxpayers. The dropouts have fewer options in today’s economy, living a poor quality life and no economic mobility. In 2014, the average students with a college degree earned up to $1,015 per week, while the earnings of the high school dropout was just $454. There are many good options that allow students to get a HSE (high school equivalency) diploma and we should be more supporting to these programs (GED, TASC, HiSET) and help young people.

In the meantime, the unemployment rate for a degree student is 5.2% whereas for dropouts it is 14.6%. An advocacy group called as Alliance for Excellent Education, based in Washington, estimates that every year the dropouts cost the nation in lost income of more than $300 billion. The percentage of freshmen who are need of remedial class has risen to 39 percent in 5 years. The figure of the students who take on college work after many years has reached to 46 percent.

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What Do All Successful People Have In Common?

Successful people in any business or profession all are like-minded and are driven to reach their goals.

These include: Passion for their niche, a vision of where they are going, a strategy to get there, they are flexible, are prepared to take risks, they set priorities, they plan, they take action, they take control of their life and they surround themselves with like-minded positive people.

Following is a short description of each of the above highlighted terms.

1.   Passion: Without having passion for your niche you will not succeed as easily. When you are passionate about your niche, it shows in all your marketing material and you yourself are very happy to spend the time needed to start making money from it.

2.   Vision: If you don’t have a vision of where you want to go you will not do everything in the right order to get you there. You need to set realistic goals and visualise yourself having reached each of them in turn. This will keep you on track and motivate you to keep going when things don’t work as intended. You will be able to take the disappointment knowing that it is only a minor setback and not a total disaster.

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The Human Spirit of Adventure

“So many people live within unhappy circumstances and yet will not take the initiative to change their situation So many people live within unhappy circumstances and yet will not take the initiative to change their situation because they are conditioned to a life of security, conformity, and conservatism, all of which may appear to give one peace of mind, but in reality nothing is more dangerous to the adventurous spirit within a man than a secure future.”
― Christopher McCandless, a.k.s Alexander Supertramp [ Into the Wild ]

Many of us have this idea that we are somehow restricted from doing what it is really want to do in life. We use the excuses of a job, monetary lack, and “responsibility” for why we must continue doing things that we don’t really want to do. Yet, in every moment we have the opportunity to let go and do what it is that is in our heart to do.

But the only thing that truly holds us back from doing what we love is our own ideas, concepts, and plans. Perhaps we plan on one day doing what we really want to do, but most often what happens is that we spend our entire lives planning for something that never comes because it never was based in reality. The future, of course, is something that by definition does not exist right now. The only way we can see our future dream come true is to begin living from that vision right now, not as though we lack something now that we hope to have later, but that we begin to live as though the dream within our heart is true now. This causes something marvelous to occur, we begin to believe that where we have our hope placed is reality.

So ask yourself, truly contemplating what it is you are, what do I truly want to be doing with my life?

Remember this…

Remember I did some online shopping two nights ago? Well it turns out the item I wanted most was out of stock so I get a e-mail from the store saying “We’re sorry for the inconvenience…. blah blah” I BET YOU ARE SORRY! All the other items would say out of stock before you make the purchase, not after! My first online shopping experience with my own card has gone horribly wrong. Eh, I guess I can use that money to go somewhere else or just go to the store personally since apparently there is more variety when you go to the store. Any who, I guess it’s just an excuse to go to the mall this Friday. Hopefully.. I just need my items all before Saturday. I’m sure you all know what day that is. Do you not?

I have some more bad news.. for you at least. That tutorial on the lighting effects in photoshop will is postponed to another day this week unless by some chance I finish it tonight. The title of this post comes from the theme song of Degrassi. I got caught up in all of the older episodes of Degrassi that I haven’t seen, which explains why that tutorial is unfinished. I missed like the last 3 seasons and they’ve been playing non-stop on the end. The cast is like 85% different too. When the new shows start next weekend I’m going to keep up, *crosses fingers*. If you don’t watch it, it’s pretty good. Some may say it’s over rated, but I beg to differ!

I’ve made another design too. I woke up early in the morning yesterday and found this really cool image on Stock Vault and got ‘inspired’.

Unfortunately, words written on the graphic have nothing to do with the image. The concept is all wrong and I’m angry with myself for not sticking with my original idea which was to incorporate the caption with something to do with the wings. Bah! I still would know what everyone thinks of it.

Tomorrow is school… which isn’t going too well right now. We’ll save that for another blog though. On a site note, I want to change my layout. But I’ll stay disciplined and keep it a while longer. Besides, people seem to like this so I guess it can stay up a while longer. Time to go watch some more Degrassi!

Do you have a TV show you follow like a shadow?

Leadership as a Strategic Maneuver to Build Allies

Leadership can be described as the process of social influence in which one person can enlist the assistance and support of others in the accomplishment of a task or goal. It’s not just about big CEOs, my friend run successfully the GED programs website and by doing so provide leadership to people who need help with getting better education.

leading people with better educationThis can provide an enduring component to any strategic plan providing; aid in tactical maneuvering, and better angles to operate from. Keep in mind that leadership is not only as a job function.  More importantly and in relation to this article it’s a status that one holds by others – by their own choice and not by a directive.

Even if we had the ability to do everything ourselves, it’s advantageous for efficiency sake to enlist the aid of others to help see a plan through. This article will cover a few quick and simple methods to increase your leadership stock with the goal of developing a group of allies which you can call upon for assistance whenever needed.

The goal is to build your resource base to aid the forward movement of your agenda, and to do so by being a leader.

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Do You Need a Degree When You Have Hustle?

This post is about higher education in general. Some folks don’t have access to it; it’s expensive, exclusive and the American system isn’t built for everyone to have the opportunity. It’s my hope that after this post, the attitude around what a degree means changes in relation to one’s success, specifically for those who don’t have one…because I don’t think anyone needs a MBA (or any degree) if they have hustle.

I used to think that the more advanced the degree, the better job, and naturally, the better the pay. The reason my attitude has changed is because over the past few years, many of my colleagues have had MBA’s…and I don’t have one, I got my GED and took it from there. So not only do I play at the same park, I’ve done so without the same credential.

The Reality

Before I get too deep into this subject, I want to make it clear that for certain technical and industry-specific fields, degrees matter. Read More

What is your Entrepreneurial DNA?

With the bombardment of so much information and the temptation to be pulled in a million different directions it is no wonder we as entrepreneurs have so much trouble staying focused on our goals. I know that is true for me as I currently have two products in development, a network marketing opportunity, a super challenging fitness program, and a freakin’ job! Every single day, even within the programs I use and leaders I follow, a new exciting opportunity pops up that due to good, emotional marketing hits me right in the bread basket and instantly distracts my energy! Has that happened to YOU?

Even within my  team and company there are many people promoting co-operative and feeder businesses which I believe dilutes your energy and focus so that you never really realize the full potential of any one project. Some people are aces at running multiple organizations at once… my guess is that they already have real success in one or the other first! The average person trying to get one opportunity off the ground is just diluting the energy needed to survive, let alone succeed. Read More

How can you improve your website

It has become clear to me that most of my visitors come from a direct links and bookmarks. As wonderful as this is, I want to optimize my search engine ranking. However, this can be difficult with a dynamic front page. As you know, every time I update this blog, the new information is at the top of the page. Then, I read a great post at I am going to begin to use my sidebar header and footer as static search engine anchors.

I will explain it to you this way. Because my blog is dynamic, in other words, each time I post to my blog it is at the top of the page. Therefore, every day my search engine keywords change. Granted, it is true that each individual post page has its own search engine ranking. However, I want to be sure that I can rank the main index page as high as possible.

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Your Options in Education

There is no doubts that education is the most important step to our success and there are many options, not everybody start with the high school diploma, sometime you take a break in between (like I did) and you can have a chance with a GED exam.

Fast forward and today I got a great job and I still want to learn more.

I know it’s not for everybody so I want to explore the other option here with you.

Are you ready to explore your education options? There are several ways to go about it. See which one of these ideas would be most ideal for you.

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