fairvote-janetLike you, I once dreamed of working full-time from home earning commissions each month from a variety of affiliate programs and then someday retiring to a beach somewhere with no worries or cares…

Of course that’s the picture a lot of people paint for making money online isn’t it? The big dream of buckets of money showing up after you create a website.

The reality isn’t that though, and I can vouch for it first hand.

I’ve been marketing Online now for about three and a half years. I’ve been earning a full-time living from affiliate programs only for about a year, and the journey it took to get here was not as glamorous as I had once thought.

How ever the pride I now feel that I’ve accomplished a goal I set out to do in only few months (although it did take about 4 times longer then that) is fantastic.

I love affiliate marketing, I love the concept, I love the fact that we can make money this way, and earn a living without having to depend on a boss, day job etc.

I want to HELP you…. and I mean that. I want to help you become successful at affiliate marketing. What ever successful means to you of course.

For some it might mean making an extra few hundred a month, for others it might be a 6 figure income coming in from affiliate programs.

I can’t choose your goal (although I can help put things in perspective) how ever I can help guide you along the journey of reaching it.

What can you expect here?

First off, I won’t jam promotion after promotion down your throat. My goal for this blog is to become the most widely read and useful blog about affiliate marketing on the Internet. I plan to do that by providing you my reader with quality content that is applicable and can be used day in and day out in your affiliate marketing business.

I will from time-to-time write a review or suggest a product to check out, but that is only because I actually use what ever it is I’m suggesting, and I think you could also benefit from using it.

I’ll add and revise this page from time to time, so check back if you’d like. For now, please subscribe to my feed at the right of this page at the top and keep reading. I’ll do my best to deliver on my promise to help you grow your affiliate business and you can keep reading to help me reach my goal of having the most read affiliate blog on the web.

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