Bring the Hustle to the Bustle

“Focused. I’m a hustler. And my hustle is trying to figure out the best ways to do what I like without having to do much else.” – Mos Def

Do you bring your hustle?


Can you walk into a crowd and immediately stand out because you play your own game, and you play it well? Are you the person that shines out from the crowd, because whilst they’re ‘bustling’, you’re ‘hustling’?

Everyone knows the ‘crowd mentality’ – do things the same way, blame each other, shy away from standing out for fear of being scorned. It’s easy to spot a crowd when you’re standing outside that crowd.

But when you’re inside the crowd, it’s a lot harder to stand out, it’s a lot harder to be different and still keep shining.

It’s like when you see a busy city street, with everyone walking up and down. From the outside, you can see the stress and the rush in the faces of commuters, and you’re happy that you don’t belong to that mad frantic crowd.

But get inside that crowd, get on the streets and walk up and down with them, and you feel yourself becoming stressed. You get pushed around. You lose yourself in the bustle.


Hustle – Your own way of expressing who you are as an individual, no matter what anyone else is doing or saying.

Bustle – The activity of the crowd, a collective, unconscious web of tangled thoughts and emotions.

Crowd – Any group of people that have merged into one collective thought pattern, discarding their individualities.

The Hustle Bubble

Wouldn’t it be great if you could bring your hustle with you, into the bustle? To be like Jk Allen and set your own ‘hustle bubble’ up, walk confidently into the crowd, and keep on hustling no matter what the crowd can throw at you? Of course, it would be great, but it’s still difficult. Once you walk into the center of the crowd, you become the crowd, right?

Here are some tips on building up your hustle bubble, walking confidently through the world with it still up, and moving through the crowd letting nothing affect you.

We’re All Individuals

I’m an individual, with my own set of beliefs, values, opinions and thoughts. I am like no other person in this town, in this country, on this planet. Do you not think then, that this applies to everyone else in the world today?

When you look at a crowd from the outside, it’s easy to see a forest, rather than the trees. People are dressed more or less the same, they have similar facial expressions, they blend in quite well. The ‘crowd illusion’ is alive and healthy.

When we get inside the crowd, inside the bustle, we are much better positioned to see people as individuals, for who they really are. But we don’t, because we become hooked up with the crowd, and soon find ourselves dragged about in the rush and hectic behavior.

Why not take the time to look at as many individual people as possible while in the crowd? When in your hustle bubble, you can take your own time, and see people as who they really are. You may notice facial expressions, certain items of fashion, objects, or anything that stands out and makes that person unique. Whatever it is, see that person as a tree, not part of a forest.

Keep A Perspective

It’s easy to do this when you’re outside the crowd looking in, but it’s a lot harder when you’re occupied with trying to get through the crowd and keep hustling. As mentioned, the ‘crowd’ may be a busy street, your workplace, a shop, or even a large family reunion, it doesn’t matter. No matter what the crowd looks like, once you enter the bustle, it’s easy to lose your sense of perspective.

The solution? Keep your own thoughts and your own perspective. Maintain the same thoughts as you do when you’re happy, or when you’re enjoying life at a particular moment.

There’s a clip from the Openhand Foundation, where the narrator walks through a busy street whilst never losing his calm, and is never affected by anyone else as he continues his monologue. The scene is at around the 1:15 mark, and you can see the awesome clip here.

Keep your own ideas, thoughts, values and beliefs as you enter the crowd. As you preserve your own mentality and strengthen your bubble, your hustle bubble will protect you from being sucked into the crowd’s collective unconscious. And you will maintain your own way of living.

You Are Not A Sheep

The old saying goes “Be a sheepdog, not a sheep”. If you’re being a sheep, then you are doing what sheep do – they eat on the same patch, they stay together, they get moved around together, they get shaved together, etc. Being a sheep is to detach yourself from your own mentality, from your own thoughts that make you an unique person, and to attach yourself to the crowd mentality, to think like others.

Sheep do not hustle, they bustle. They have no hustle bubble, because they burst it in order to join the crowd. Don’t become a sheep. Instead, become a sheepdog, or a wolf. Preserve that hustle bubble and move through the sheep, without ever transforming into one.