Leadership as a Strategic Maneuver to Build Allies

Leadership can be described as the process of social influence in which one person can enlist the assistance and support of others in the accomplishment of a task or goal.

It’s not just about big CEOs. A good friend of mine runs a successful GED education website and by doing so she provides leadership to people who need help with getting better education.

leading people with better educationThis can provide an enduring component to any strategic plan providing; aid in tactical maneuvering, and better angles to operate from. Keep in mind that leadership is not only as a job function.

More importantly and in relation to this article it’s a status that one holds by others – by their own choice and not by a directive.

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Do You Need a Degree When You Have Hustle?

This post is about higher education in general. Some folks don’t have access to it; it’s expensive, exclusive and the American system isn’t built for everyone to have the opportunity.

It’s my hope that after this post, the attitude around what a degree means changes in relation to one’s success, specifically for those who don’t have one…because I don’t think anyone needs a MBA (or any degree) if they have hustle.

I used to think that the more advanced the degree, the better job, and naturally, the better the pay. The reason my attitude has changed is because over the past few years, many of my colleagues have had MBA’s…and I don’t have one, I got my GED and took it from there. So not only do I play at the same park, I’ve done so without the same credential.

The Reality

Before I get too deep into this subject, I want to make it clear that for certain technical and industry-specific fields, degrees matter. Read More

What is your Entrepreneurial DNA?

With the bombardment of so much information and the temptation to be pulled in a million different directions it is no wonder we as entrepreneurs have so much trouble staying focused on our goals.

I know that is true for me as I currently have two products in development, a network marketing opportunity, a super challenging fitness program, and a freakin’ job!

Every single day, even within the programs I use and leaders I follow, a new exciting opportunity pops up that due to good, emotional marketing hits me right in the bread basket and instantly distracts my energy! Has that happened to YOU?

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A Hub and Spoke Approach

As I try to develop my passive income strategy, I think it will be best to use a hub and spoke approach. In a nutshell, my blog will be the hub, with my other projects being the spokes.

I think it is important to organize your thoughts in such a manner. Otherwise, you might spend too much time flitting from project to project.

At a basic level this blog will be the platform to guide you, the reader, to my other projects. I will be honest, of course I want you to see and read my other projects.

I hope that they enlighten you or stimulate your thoughts. I also hope that you will return the favor, and post your ideas in the comment sections of this blog.

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Make Money With Network Marketing Part-Time: Know When to Quit Your Day Job

You can make money easy with network marketing part-time and quit your day job faster than you imagined.

Are you sick and tired of being broke and always struggling with money? Start network marketing as a part-timer and assess your earnings per month.

Make money with network marketing part-time and know when to quit your day job. Is it as easy as that? Read on to learn more…

Do you have a strong “why” for quitting your 9-5 job? Your why is very important in propelling you to do anything you ever wanted to do in life.

I still remember what Jim Rohn used to say that he started part-time and when he started earning twice his wages. He made a target to earn three times his wages and then decided to quit his day job when he knew he was making enough money.

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Discover The Headline Technique for Your Blogging Inspiration and Motivation

date_time_preferencesAre you blank, not knowing how to start a topic for your blog post? Are you’re you struggling but you just can’t seem to come up with anything compelling? Or are you itching to get a quality post out?
If that is the case with you then read on because I have good news for you. ..

I know many of you would like to have a post that will attract attention and enhance your profile in your blogging endeavors.

I read something interesting and would like you to also have a look at it. Here’s a technique that may work for you:

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How to Approach a Company for Business

You may be the best at what you do, but no one knows it. Having a marketing strategy is important for knowing how to approach a company for business.

Most people aren’t good at this, but it is just like a date. Make yourself pretty and put your best foot first.

How to Approach a Company for Business: Step One

Be confidant in your abilities. I learned it while approaching ehow for writing articles. Some people will like you and others won’t. The only thing you can affect is your presentation of your self. If you are doing something you love the passion will shine through.

Not every business has the need, or shall I say, funds to pay for your service. If you are confidant in your abilities, you will show your skills and worth to the person you are selling services to.

How to Approach a Company for Business: Step Two

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Dealing with 3 year Old Temper Tantrums

Are you looking forward to the day when 3 year old temper tantrums stops? The day in the life of a full-time mother can be frustrating. The first step in stopping a temper tantrum is to understand what it is.

A child throwing a tantrum is expressing 2 main points 1. I’m not happy about something 2. I can’t express how I feel. Young children have it tough.

They come in this world crying with no communication skills.
Can you image how silly we must look and sound to them talking in this strange language making these foreign expressions.

There’s is no wonder why 3 year old temper tantrums are their go-to for a reaction. Children are left to figure it all out through rewards and consequences. “If I do this, she’ll do that.” “Do I like how she responds?”

The job of the parent is to convince the child that your responds to their tantrum results in consequences they do not want. There are 2 main ways to eliminate your 3 year old temper tantrums.

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Relationships: Creating the Mood for Love After a Hard Day of Being Mommy

images (5)


Let’s face it most people don’t say I don’t want to make love to my husband because I don’t feel like it. We all enjoy it, right? Sometimes we just don’t want it at that moment.

Unfortunately, this isn’t healthy for a marriage or ongoing relationships. We’ve often been told it’s our duty to keep our men happy and what makes a man happy? Sex, food, and money!

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Grow Your Natural Hair Easy As 1,2,3

Many African women have made the decision to transition their hair back to its natural state. This is a decision that is often brought on by disappoint in hair health, admiration of natural hair styles, or a need for change.

No matter why a woman decides transitioning from relaxed to natural hair is for her, many women travel this road every year. There are some helpful tips to make this natural hair transition worth it!

Water, Water, Water for Natural Hair Care

Unlike relaxed hair, black natural hair needs water. Many women have shied away from water due to the fear of “messing” up their hair; this is not the case with natural hair. Instances when water is good for natural hair – washing, detangling, and refreshing a style.

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