Taking Action to Improve the Hustle: One Thing at a Time

Sometimes I feel like there’s an endless amount of stuff to do and I can never catch up. It’s become commonplace to have 50 different things flashing in my head at once. The flashes look like a collage of images–all referencing stuff I have to get done. As of late, I’ve been getting things done even with this mental madness, but it’s taking me far too long to execute and consuming way too much energy.

So I’m taking action to change.

Last Friday morning I read a powerful blog post by Rob White called Atomic Action. In short, Atomic Action is about getting stuff done and moving on to the next thing; all with total focus and without feelings of burden or stress. I started the read with the idea that my level of taking action was optimal…but reality hit me like a ton of bricks. I do in fact take action, but too often I have poor focus in concentrating on one thing at a time; I multi-task with just about everything.

The Truths

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Resume Outline for Your Work At Home Business Services

Resume Outline: Display your Skills

One of the first steps to presenting yourself to a business is to create a resume. By creating a resume outline, you will be able to meet the three goals necessary for success:

Display your experience
Show your ability to present information in an informative way
Detail why you are the best candidate
Yes, this is a phishing exposition. Meaning the company has not solicited you for work, but you know that you are an asset to the company. A resume outline is important, because it helps to separate irrelevant and relevant information.

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Positive Parenting: How to Make Your Child Listen

Children seem to have minds of their own. They tend to be quiet when they want to and be outgoing when they want. So, how do you get an obedient child? Is there really a way to make your child listen? Yes, and there are 2 simple rules for positive parenting to ensure your child listens to what you say.

Positive Parenting Tip #1 : Verbalize Your Desires to Your Child


So many parents have seen positive parenting tips that suggest stooping down to a child’s level and talking in a mono tone voice. This can be a great way to verbalize your desires to your child.

When discussing verbalizing your desires there are 3 important points to this phrase (speak what you want your child to hear, in a way they can receive it, in a way they know you are serious).

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Keep it Real: Walk the Walk or DON’T Talk the Talk!


The internet provides a wonderful platform for free speech…I love that. But with it, comes a natural breeding ground for perpetrators and counterfeits. There is one area where bad information is festering more than anywhere else online, and that’s in the domain of entrepreneurship.

I created this not to criticize but to bring light to a trend that’s negatively impacting the internet – our precious platform for sharing knowledge and giving value to the world. My hope is that this information is viewed as a wake-up-call; on one hand for the offenders of bad information, and the other hand for established leaders – because your help and guidance is needed more than ever.

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And Finally…Why I Hustle! A Q&A Session

Let me tell you up front, this post is a little different than normal. The reason I want to share it, is because I want to share a few things about me, with you.

The idea behind this came from my email inbox. While organizing my inbox the other day, I noticed that many of the email questions I’ve answered over the past few months have been asked multiple times. I figured since different people are emailing me the same set of questions (for the most part), maybe I should answer these questions publicly…[because I’m obviously not doing so well at being transparent! 😉 ] I’m not going into super deep details here, but I do expose a few new things that you may not be aware of.

So what I’ve done is taken 10 of the most often asked questions that I’ve received by email; paraphrased them, and answered them below. Let’s proceed…

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These are the Tales: When the Smoke Clears

Hey Folks – I’m posting this live from Walt Disney World (FL), where I’ve been for the last 7 days (only one day left). It’s been a blast…but believe it or not, the resort I’m at has pretty weak technology offerings, so not only do they not have wireless accessibility, but my sprint air card is fluctuating between 0-10% connectivity. But still, I present you with “These are the Tales”.

“These are the Tales” is a new series that I’ll be working into the mix from time to time. In this series I’ll share stories from my life and the lessons learned from them. The idea behind “These are the Tales” is that at the tail end of every life story, lies a valuable life lesson.

Often we don’t see the lessons immediately, but it’s surely there to educate and better equip us for life down the road (if we’re willing). More than just sharing some of my stories with you, it’s my hope that you reflect upon your own tales and identify life lessons that you may have overlooked.

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