Resume outline for your work at home business services

download-6One of the first steps to presenting yourself to a business is to create a resume. By creating a resume outline, you will be able to meet the three goals necessary for success:

Display your experience
Show your ability to present information in an informative way
Detail why you are the best candidate

Yes, this is a phishing exposition. Meaning the company has not solicited you for work, but you know that you are an asset to the company. A resume outline is important, because it helps to separate irrelevant and relevant information.

The following are examples of information that is considered irrelevant for a resume outline:

Jobs or duties that are not related to the position
Multiple of the same types of contact information (phone numbers and email)
Jobs previous to your professional experience

Let’s face it, if you are applying to do payroll for an attorney they don’t really care that your first job, 15 years ago, was bagging groceries. Focus on the qualifications you want to display. Think, if I was the business owner what skills would impress me?

A lot of times, we forget about the tasks we have completed; it is important to search online for job descriptions. This will help refresh your mind of tasks you have completed. Also, it will educate you on what tasks employers are looking for in your resume outline.

Resumes need to display a lot of information in a limited amount of space. A resume outline should have the following sections:

Full Name
Contact information (phone number, address and email address)
Summary (who you are, what you have accomplished and why you are the best for the job) This is almost like a cover letter.
Key Competencies (brief bulletins of your skills i.e. Clerical, 10-key machine, Quickbooks etc.)
Relevant Experience (jobs listed from newest to oldest)
Education (If you need the space you can eliminate High School if you graduated college)

Presentation is everything for a resume outline. This is why it is important to be creative when developing sections of a resume. I have attached a resume with sections that I like and make the most of the space. In addition to creating a resume outline, cover letters can be helpful to introduce a business to your work at home business services.