Step Your Game Up: Take Ownership to Elevate Your Results

I often hear people speak about things never working out in their favor. I hear it all the time. In fact there are large groups that take very little accountability in for the results they achieve (or failed to achieve).

It seems to be common place for our expectations to rise without elevating our game. That’s down right crazy and a terrible formula for success!


I’m not trying to burst anyone’s bubble, but if that’s what it takes – then this article serves as my pointy needle – poking away at the misconceptions keeping us from reaching our maximum potential.

I don’t write this as an expert; preaching and professing that I know it all. Actually, I’m in front of the class on this one (a student). I often need to reset and remind myself to stay on track and to keep focused.

You Get what You Give…Period
You’ve heard it before: “you reap what you sow”. So simple, yet so profound. If you’re unfamiliar, let me explain…

Every action has a definite consequence; good, bad or indifferent – depending on the action.
Example: If I plant an apple seed, I should expect an apple to grow. It would be foolish of me to expect a corn harvest. It’s that simple.

If you want certain results (reap/get), but you aren’t acting in a fashion to obtain those results (sow/give), then you’re off-balance in your expectations and hopes.

TIP: Be deliberate in your actions. Don’t just go with the flow, be definite in your direction. Average Joe’s get average results! It’s okay to be average if that’s what you want. But if you’re after more, you have to give more.

You’re Your Own Luck Factory
Sitting back, hoping and waiting for a lucky break isn’t the best strategy, I promise. The only break that may happen is your own heart after wasting days/months/years hoping for luck that never surfaces. Remember “You Get What you Give“…so if you want luck, you better do something to get it.

TIP: Want to be really really really lucky…I have the key!!! Work really really really hard. Guaranteed Success! I’ll offer an unlimited return policy on this one (like Nordstrom!)

Take Feedback Seriously, or Lightly Depending on the Feedback
How many times has someone taken the time to share advice that you completely disregarded? Maybe they said something that you didn’t like…or more so – your ego didn’t like!

Take feedback from those who you respect seriously…even if you don’t like it. What one person sees in you can be what everyone sees, except you. We need honest eyes to share how we may be perceived in the world. Relying on the eyes in the mirror can be a little biased – even with 20/20 vision.

TIP: Pay close attention to feedback that you receive that hurts your feelings. It’s likely your ego that’s being hurt, which needs a nice bruising anyway. Never allow one’s feedback of you crush your spirit. Some speak in the name of “good”, but have ill intentions. Being vulnerable opens us up to that – but you have more to gain than lose.

Don’t forget the “H” Word…and I Don’t Mean Hustle
It’s inevitable to happen; you get a few wins under your belt, everything falls in place seemingly perfect, and up goes the arrogance and out goes the humbleness.

TIP: Be grounded and humble. If you allow your fortune to go to your head, it just might fall to your feet. How can you stay grounded? Well start off by helping others that have an interest in going the same direction as you.

So What, Be a Failure
Go ahead and take some calculated risks and pay no thought to the idea of failing. And since you’re on a role, go ahead and learn from your mistakes and the mistakes of others. Now that you’ve got some momentum, fine tune your approach and come out as “successful” in the long run, I dare you.

You can’t learn success from your own successes…you have to stumble (fail) and learn from all aspects of the cycle. You have to two-step before leaning to tap dance (that’s an original!)

TIP: Don’t limit your abilities by taking it easy on yourself. Go hard and give it 110% – do something grand! If you fail, it’s not permanent as long as you take away the significant learnings from the experience. This mentality makes it possible to always win – even in defeat.

You Own Your Results
This was the easiest article I’ve written to date. As my fingers glided around the keyboard and the glare from the light bounced off of my screen – I saw a very familiar face who needed this needle-poke for motivation [me].

All too often do we get caught up in our day-to-day tasks and forget to assess and celebrate our wins, or be honest about where you are in our journey to success. I hope this served you as it served me; a realization that we own our results through our actions…it’s simple: take ownership to elevate your results.